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The green route along the Muzza Canal, between Lodi and Lodi Vecchio

A route through agricultural fields characteristic of the Lombardy plain, this itinerary starts from the city of Lodi and follows the course of the Muzza Canal.

Along the itinerary you will discover not only new city but also the old city, that is ‘Lodi Vecchio’, thus discovering  both the ancient and more recent delights of the area of Lodi
The itinerary starts from the station of Lodi, and from here goes to the bridge over the Adda, where the route starts, initially a walking path and then a cycle track, as far as the Belgiardino Wood, which is crossed so as to reach the canal bank. It continues along the right bank as far as the power station of Tavazzano.

Here, using the overpass, you cross the main road and continue to Zelasche and then the route takes the Muzza canal bank. Upon reaching the provincial road ‘SP115’, a quick deviation takes you to Old Lodi and then you can continue the route along the Muzza canal as far as San Martino in Strada. You then take the cycle path along the provincial road as far as the turning for Ceppeda.

After the village you take the ‘Via Emilia’ on the left. At the first crossroads turn right, go as far as Caviaga, where you find the cycle path that takes you to the center of Lodi.

Distance: 41.7km
Difficulty: easy
Road type: gravel with some parts on asphalt
Ascent, Descent: +171 m, - 173m (Max gradient: 6.4%, -5.5% Average gradient: 0.5%, -0.5%)
Suitable for: everyone
Type of bicycle: MTB and hybrid
Average time: around 4 h.


Lodi Cathedral
The façade was started in 1160 and was finished a century later. It was modified during the Renaissance, it still has an entrance porch dating from 1175/80, which was then modified to its current gothic style.
Map geolocation 45.31408, 9.50261 

The Tempio dell’Incoronata Church in Lodi 
The first stone was laid on 29 May 1488. It was built by Giovanni Battagio. The bell tower designed by Lorenzo Maggi was built 1503.
Map geolocation 45.31473, 9.50197 

The Church of Saint Francis in Lodi
The pink terracotta façade is characterised by a tall ogival porch with brick columns on stone plinths and a large white marble rose window. On the side two unusual pointed mullioned windows are open to the sky.
Map geolocation 45.31457, 9.50777 

Belgiardino Wood
Between 2006 and 2008 the South Adda Park created in the area of the Belgiardino Wood a path designed to be used by people with visual impairments.
Map geolocation 45.33306, 9.48696 

Tavazzano and Montanaso power station
One of the largest in Italy, the power station is located in an area of about 70 hectares in Lodi municipalities of Montanaso Lombardo and Tavazzano con Villavesco. The facility only uses natural gas.
Map geolocation 45.33083, 9.43884 

The Muzza Canal
This historic canal begins at the Castle of Cassano d'Adda and crosses the plain of Lodi for 39 km. Historians believe that the canal is the result of 13th century military defence works.
Map geolocation 45.31887, 9.4429 

Archaeological Museum Laus Pompeia in Lodi Vecchio
The Museum is located in forum of Laus Pompeia, the main square of the old Roman city. Here excavations have brought to light the remains of the church of Santa Maria, the old Cathedral of Lodi Vecchio.
Map geolocation 45.29849, 9.42174 

The Basilica of the XII Apostles also known as the Church of San Bassiano in Lodi Vecchio
Following the foundation of New Lodi, the remains of St. Bassianus were transferred to the cathedral of the new city. The basilica of Lodivecchio was rebuilt in 1320-1323 in Lombard Gothic style.
Map geolocation 45.29722, 9.42758

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