Art 13 of Legislative Decree n° 196 of 30.06.2003

Notification in terms of and pursuant to art 13 of Legislative Decree n° 196 of 30.06.2003 (Code on the protection of personal details)

Dear User,
We wish to inform you that website belong to Explora S.c.p.a. and so all details that pass through them are used and handled by Explora S.c.p.a.
In order to provide you with a service that meets all your requirements as fully as possible, Società Explora S.c.p.a needs to have some information on those that visit our websites and their areas of interest.

In terms of art 13, letter a) of D. Lgs. [Legislative Decree] n° 196/2003, gathering and other data handling operations are carried out by Explora S.c.p.a. for the following purposes:

a) Marketing and advertising.
b) Sending information and promotional material.
c) Sending commercial messages.
d) Statistical analysis for marketing purposes.
e) Determining the degree of satisfaction with the products / services offered by the Company.
f) Sending invitations for informative and promotional events.
g) Complying with legal obligations.

The details you provide and communicate freely, will be gathered and handled by Explora S.c.p.a. both manually and using electronic or automated equipment, and - in compliance with the limits and conditions laid down by art  11 of D. Lgs. n° 196/2003 - include all operations or sequences of operations, dealt with by said decree, using the term "handling". Explora S.c.p.a, as the entity "responsible for handling" keeps and controls use of the data in terms of the confidentiality and security measures called for by the same Decree in articles 31 and following. The details can be handled - on behalf of Explora S.c.p.a - by employees, associates, professionals and/or companies, appointed to carry out specific processing services or supplementary activities in addition to Explora S.c.p.a's, or that are necessary for executing Explora S.c.p.a.'s operations and services. 

 Data related to surfing the web
The technological systems used for the Explora S.c.p.a websites read some personal details as part of normal execution of the same, transmission of which in part of using Internet communication protocols.  This information is not gathered to be associated with identified persons, but by their nature that could, by means of complex processing and association with details held by third parties, make it possible to identify the users.  These details are only used to obtain anonymous statistical information on use of the portal and to check that it is working correctly.  These details could be used to determine responsibility in case of possible computer crimes that cause the portal damage, and may be shown to Judicial Authorities if explicitly requested by them.
Information sent voluntarily by the user
Optional, explicit or voluntary sensing of e-mails to the addresses indicated on this portal, or via the relevant Contacts Form, results in subsequent acquisition of the personal details entered.  In any case, the gathering of sensitive or legal personal details is excluded.  Apart from what is specified in relation to data on surfing, the user is free to provide the personal details asked for in the contact forms and/or request forms on the portal.  Failure to provide the same, may make it impossible to obtain what has been asked for.
To improve our services and adapt them to your needs as closely as possible, as well as to personalise the web pages to suit your preferences, our Company uses cookies that help us to monitor your use of our sites.
Many modern browsers allow the user to decide when to accept cookies, but refusing some cookies means that certain functions cannot be used.  Functioning of cookies depends totally in the surfing browser you use.
None of the users' personal details are acquired by the portal.  No use is made of cookies to transmit information of a personal nature, nor are systems used for tracing and identifying users.  The use of so-called cookies is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers (made up of casual numbers generated by the server), which are necessary to allow secure, efficient exploration of the portal, and these are used for statistical purposes to count the number of visitors per month.   Cookies can be deleted by the browser, using the browser programme's functions.

In terms of art 7 of D. Lgs° n. 196/2003, we wish to remind you that you have a right to:
a) Confirmation of whether or not Details are held, and communication of the same in an intelligible form.
b) Information in relation to the Details.
c) Updating, correction, or - if in your interests - the addition of Details.
d) Deletion, transformation into an anonymous form, or blocking of details handled in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept in relation to the purposes for which the Details were gathered or subsequently handled.
e) Certification that the operations referred to in letters c) and d) above have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to who the Details have been communicated or disseminated, excepting for cases in which this is impossible or involves the use of means that are clearly disproportionate to the right protected.

Also in terms of art 7 of said Decree, you also have the right to fully or partly oppose:

a) Handling of the Details, for legitimate reasons, even if pertinent to the reason for gathering. 
b) Handling of the Details for sending advertising or direct sales material, or for market research or commercial communication.
To exercise these rights you can send a request by registered post of by e-mail to:  Explora S.c.p.A, Via Fabio Filzi 22, 20124 Milano. Tel +39 02 7262841, e-mail  The rights indicated in letters a) and b) can also be exercised by verbal request.

The holder and entity responsible for handling the Details in Explora S.c.p.A, Via Fabio Filzi 22, 20124 Milano, in the person of its pro tempore legal representative.